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We are Holy Cross Music Academy

Holy Cross Music Academy exists to raise up musicians who bring life into the community with their music. Students of all ages are welcome - we have something for everyone - from Kindermusik for ages 0-6 to private lessons for children 6+, which are offered on pop/rock instruments, as well as classical piano, and voice. But ultimately the goal is for music to extend beyond just the classroom! Our goal is to develop lifelong musicians who learn to play and sing the music that they love and share it with others. 

Church of the Holy Cross is a community-focused, family-focused church, and HCMA aims to lean into both of these things. We will be deeply involved in the fabric of our community by providing opportunities for students to play and sing for as many things in the area as possible. We will actively foster relationships with local businesses and community organizations to bring as much live music into our community as we can! 

We also want the community's homes themselves to be filled with music as students discover their passion for it and share it with their families. As much as possible, our philosophy is to help students learn the music they naturally love and are interested in, as we believe this encourages further playing and growth for the student.

As a function of Church of the Holy Cross, HCMA also has a specific vision and passion for training musicians who play with the music teams at Holy Cross or their own local church, should this be of interest to the student and family. Playing in church can be a fantastic way to gain experience and work through the nerves of public performance for a young musician. We want to offer this opportunity to every student who is ready and interested, and we believe it will bring great joy to our worship services and other worship services in our community!

We are so glad you're here and we cannot wait to be a part of you and your family's musical journey!


Harper Mobley

Harper has been serving at Holy Cross since 2017 as a staff singer in our traditional and contemporary services. Harper graduated from the College of Charleston with a BA in Vocal Performance with a concentration in Opera. When she is not at Holy Cross, she co-directs a children's musical theatre group in Summerville and is a vocal instructor at Holy Cross Music Academy. In her free time, Harper enjoys hanging out with her cat Toby, as well as surfing, hiking or playing tennis.

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Jake Willis

Jake serves Holy Cross in a multitude of ways as Director of Holy Cross Music Academy DI, instructor for HCMA DI, and as Holy Cross DI's contemporary worship leader. The idea for HCMA was birthed by Jake and campus pastor Jonathan Bennett as they dreamed of ways to bring together Jake's love for teaching music with his role at the church. As an instructor himself, Jake personally loves developing students who play and sing, who play in bands, and Jake is passionate about having students involved with the musical life of the community and the church. Jake has led contemporary worship as well as played in original music projects and cover groups around the Carolina's for over 15 years.

Jake and his wife Jessica have a young daughter named Junia.

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