Staff Team

Vestry Leadership Team

Back Row: Lee McCarter (SI), Carl Wist (DI), Pat Kelly (SI), Nick Pappas (DI), Terence Jenkins (DI), Darren Hartford, Senior Warden (DI)

Front Row: Frank Taylor (DI), Lauren Boyd (SI), Maria Filosa (SI), 

Kirsten Meade (DI), Mike Peterson (SI)

A Letter from the Senior Warden:

Brother’s and sister’s in Christ,

Greetings on behalf of the 2023 Vestry for the Church of the Holy Cross. The purpose of this letter is to give you an idea of who we are and what we do as a Vestry Leadership Team. The vestry is comprised of both men and women who have a strong desire to serve Christ and our church. We come from all campuses and we are elected by our congregation at our annual meeting, We meet every other Tuesday with our clergy and our finance team. While we do have many responsibilities, our first and foremost purpose is to spiritually intercede for you, our congregation. We do this together as a group by reading and meditating on scripture, through much thoughtful prayer, and through periodic fasting. Each vestry member belongs to a Holy Cross life group, and has a passion for disciple making and Kingdom building. Speaking on behalf of the vestry, we welcome all communication from the congregation. Feel free to email, call or speak to us at a service. On Sunday’s we wear blue name tags with Vestry Leadership printed on them.

Darren Hartford