Lesson Tuition

30 Minute Weekly Lessons$150.00 Monthly
45 Minute Weekly Lessons$210.00 Monthly
60 Minute Weekly Lessons$270.00 Monthly

Group Lesson Tuition

Kindermusik$75.00 Monthly
Music Theory$60.00 Monthly

Signing up for the Holy Cross Music Academy is secure and easy. There is a one time, non-refundable sign-up fee of $50.00 for each student. After completing the initial sign-up, the student will be placed with an instructor for their specific instrument and a confirmation email of acceptance is sent. This confirmation will include the registrant and the time slot that is available. We will make every effort to pair a student with the right instructor for them at a time you list as available. Once the registration fee is paid, you will receive another email to set-up recurring monthly payments via debit, credit or bank account. If a student is withdrawn from the program and placed again into the program, the registration will be charged again.

Tuition is due between the 1st and the 5th of each month. We only accept payment via debit, credit or bank account with recurring payments set-up prior to the students first lesson. The monthly tuition is a flat rate, based on our 48 week per year calendar, which will average out to four lessons per month. Learn more about our calendar policy. If you need to change your payment method, please email Jennifer Baskin or call 843-883-3586 and select option 3.

Students are allowed one rescheduled lesson per month for a lesson cancelled with 24+ hours notice. Last minute cancellations and cancellations in excess of one per month remain paid in order to protect the time and income of our wonderful instructors.

If you need to withdraw your child from the program for any reason, please give a 30-day written notice. This allows us ample time to fill the space being vacated by your child. You are responsible for paying tuition through the end of the 30-day notice. Pre-paid tuition will be refunded in a prorated amount, to the extent that the prepaid tuition covered a period of time beyond the 30-day notice. There is a 1 month tuition penalty if a 30-day written notice is not given.

Jennifer Baskin

Operations Associate

If you have any questions about setting up recurring payments, please feel free to email Jennifer Baskin directly or call 843-883-3586 and select option 3.