We have two primary tracks for guitar students: a rhythm guitar track and a lead guitar track.

The rhythm track will generally start from acoustic guitar and will focus on learning the basic open chords in your left hand and strumming correctly with your right hand. This is the best track for students who love to sing and want to play while singing songs they love (think Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran); timing the singing in addition to playing is a skill unto itself, but with the right focuses, almost any student who wants to sing and play can find success in this approach. The rhythm track is also great for people who love acoustic guitar music and finger-picking, or who just see themselves strumming around a campfire. This approach also eventually will dive into chord theory and the general arrangement principles of pop music.

The lead guitar track will be great for people who love classic rock, sweeping guitar solos, and killer rock riffs. Generally from electric guitar, this approach will have a focus on scales and reading tabs with the intention of being able to learn famous guitar solos as well as improvise your own. It's hard to get far without some rhythm chops, so some rhythm guitar will inevitably be a part of this as well, but the focus is less of learning to sing with the guitar and instead learning how to make the electric guitar itself sing.

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