Life Groups


Life Groups are the place where relationships flourish, where faith is grown, love is experienced, and ministry is practiced. At Holy Cross, Life Groups are the place where we do life together with other Christians who are learning to know God and each other. 

“The fundamental building blocks of the kingdom are relationships” -Robert Lupton


A Life Group is typically a gathering of 4 to 12 people that meets weekly in homes to build community and live out the Christian life together. It is led by an intentional leader who meets regularly with a Life Groups Coach from Holy Cross. This ensures mutual accountability and a safe environment to grow for everyone. The purpose of Life Groups is to care for each other and grow as disciples of Jesus. Through studying Scripture, praying for each other, sharing life together, and serving others, these small groups provide the context to do just this, and to reach out to our communities.


Discipleship won’t happen fully in our Sunday morning congregations of 50–300 people. Services are a time for corporate worship, prayer, celebration of the Sacraments, and the proclamation of the Gospel. But Christians are not simply to attend Sunday meetings to receive inspiration and information. We are to give ourselves to real community and personal relationships. Jesus modeled this for us when he chose 12 people —a small group— with whom he shared life and then empowered to carry on his mission. That’s his methodology for carrying out God’s agenda of making disciples. 

Find a Life Group today or contact Laura if you need help to find a group in your area!